About me


Bachelor’s in Agronomy from Federal University of Viçosa (UFV - 1988), Masters in Genetics and Breeding (UFV - 1992), and Ph.D. in Statistics and Plant Breeding (Iowa State University of Science and Technology, USA - 1999). Sabbatical leave at Michigan State University (2006) in the field of Advanced Statistical Methods Applied to Plant Breeding, at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (2012-1013) in the field of Statistical Genetics and Genomics, and at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2019-2020) in the field of Statistical Learning Models.

I am currently a Full Professor and researcher of the Sugarcane Breeding Program at UFV. Also work as a scientific reviewer of several national and international journals and as a consultant of funding agencies.

Areas of interest

I have experience in Applied Probability and Statistics, with emphasis in Statistics, acting on the following subjects:

  • Mixed Models,
  • experimental design,
  • stochastic simulation,
  • sugarcane,
  • plant breeding and genomic selection,
  • predictive models for NIR data, and
  • Statistical Learning/Machine Learning.

Professional Address:

Prof. Luiz A. Peternelli; Department of Statistics, room 311-B; Centro de Ciencias Exatas; Campus da Universidade Federal de Vicosa; 36570-900 - Vicosa, MG - Brasil; Phone: +55 31 3612-6161