Most Recent Scientific Papers


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  • Early prediction of sugarcane genotypes susceptible and resistant to Diatraea saccharalis using spectroscopies and classification techniques 2019
  • Comprehensive new approaches for variable selection using ordered predictors selection. 2019
  • Decision Trees as a Tool to Select Sugarcane Families - 2018
  • Influência do número de repetições na identificação de genes diferencialmente expressos em experimentos de RNA-Seq. 2018
  • Modeling rhizosphere carbon and nitrogen cycling in Eucalyptus plantation soil. 2018
  • A new methodology for large-scale screening sugarcane resistance to Mahanarva Fimbriolata (Hemiptera: Cercopidae). 2018
  • Phenotypic Plasticity of Sugarcane Genotypes under Aluminum Stress. 2018
  • Selecting Parents, Families, and Clones to Obtain Energy Cane. 2017
  • Artificial neural networks and linear discriminant analysis in early selection among sugarcane families. 2017
  • Phenotypic classification of sugarcane from near infrared spectra obtained directly from stalk using ordered predictors selection and partial least squares-discriminant analysis. here

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